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Great News! The hard work done at the Ama Wheelies Rehabilitation and Training Centre has eventually been recognized by the National Lotteries Distribution Fund (NLDTF) and Ama Wheelies will soon have their own wheels!

Ama Wheelies serve the spinal injured community in Mpumalanga as a home and rehabilitation centre. We help victims of traumatic accidents, victims of violent car hi- jacking; victims of abuse! Life altering unjuries cause paralysis, severe neck injuries to the spinal cord that cause paralysis and dramatically change the life of a young person!

After becoming disabled, they are left with their families who lack the knowledge or ability to take care of them, abusing and neglecting these disabled persons unable to help themselves! Accidents causing paralysis are more common these days. Government help is minimal. Quadriplegics have special needs, expensive medicines and appliances not covered by medial aid. Ama Wheelies opened its doors for such young people wanting to make the most out of life and thus often referred to as the naughty boys in wheelchairs! Hence our special home Ama Wheelies and we invite you to read what we do and why we require your financial help.

Doors opened 27 November 2010, although unable to accommodate all our members the home forms the skeleton required to function as a special home and rehabilitation centre; act as a model and example where families can come for training. Training is the base for our outreach and rehabilitation programs, educating and enabling quadriplegics living on their own to empower themselves to live meaningful lives.

A feature of Ama Wheelies is that these disabled individuals take care of themselves! Situated in Lydenburg at 35 Berg Street, here in RURAL MPUMALANGA, you can observe the hard work these YOUNG individuals are doing and why you need to help them get started with capital requirements!


How quadriplegics will benefit

The new home developed by Ama Wheelies, offers quadriplegics and paraplegic's accommodation, work and sports opportunities. The province of Mpumalanga doesn't have wheelchair basketball; wheelchair rugby and athletics teams, and soon Ama Wheelies sports team could represent the province! Amos Nkosi was proudly elected Mpumalanga Disabled Sportsman of the Year 2012.

Ama Wheelies is concerned with a holistic approach in its service delivery, caring for the spinal injured, as well as the caregivers for families. The focus of Ama Wheelies is to create a homely atmosphere for quadriplegics, in which they can express themselves to the utmost of their capabilities and live a normal life.

Not only is our cause worth; we are situated in RURAL MPUMALANGA, serving DISADVANTAGED POOR and DISABLED individuals enabling any donor to qualify for BEE and tax rebate. Our paperwork and record-keeping is in order.

Ama Wheelies is a section 21, non-profit organisation (reg. 2008/021003/08), registered under NPO number 083-504 and Tax Exemption PBO no 930038997. Please help us as best you can; be it anonymous or by contacting us.

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